Frequently asked Questions…..Q & A

Question; How many acres do you have to hunt?

Answer; It’s not how many Acres available to hunt; it’s how many Turkeys are on the acres that you hunt, that counts.

 Question; what is your success rate?

Answer; Zero, I don’t hunt; your success will depend on your ability sit quietly and call softly, as well as your ability to hit what you aim at. 

Question; Do you know about how many Osceola Turkey you have at your farm?

Answer; Not really; but I have forty two in my pens and I expect that there are two or three times that many on the farm property.

Question; Are the Turkeys at your farm “Pure Breads”?

Answer; I don’t really know, I don’t have any papers on them but they look like Osceola’s and they live in the right part of Florida, the N.W.T.F. biologist says that they are Osceola’s. It’s a good guess would be that they are Osceola’s

Question: Are your turkeys wild:

Answer: Some are wilder than others, but I know of none that you can pick up and pet.

Question: Is your property fenced:

Answer: Only a very small part along some of the property lines, I can’t afford to fence my entire property.

Question; How much do you charge to hunt?

Answer; $400.00 a day per person. And it’s not a money making operation.

Question; How many Turkeys can I kill?

Answer; One Gobbler and no hens bearded or not.

Question; If I book a three day hunt and kill a gobbler on the first day can I get my money back for the next two days?

Answer; short answer “NO”, long answer “why did you even ask”.

Question; Do you have a place for hunters to stay on the farm?

Answer; Yes, we have a fifth wheel trailer available for $75.00 per day per person, limited to two people.  R.V. hook-ups and tent camping is available at no charge.

Question; Do you raise Osceola Turkeys at your farm?

Answer; Yes, We do raise Osceola’s on the farm and turn several of them (gobblers) loose in August & September.

Question; Do you have “Food Plots”?

Answer; Yes we plant three Chufa food plots each year.

Question; Do you provide guides?

Answer; No this is an unguided hunt; you will be hunting in stationary blinds easily accessible by truck or car.

Question; Do you furnish meals?

Answer; breakfast is available for the hunters who stay in the fifth wheel trailer, and we pack a lunch for all hunters to take to the blind with you, ice, water and cold drinks are available at no charge. We do not provide a dinner (supper) meal.

Question; my son is ten years old and I want to take him on his first turkey what will the charge be?

Answer; there is no charge for any minor under 12 to hunt. However there must be an adult (paid hunter) supervisor with the minor at all times. (exception; there is no charge for the minor or adult during the youth hunt, usually the weekend prior to the regular spring gobbler season) 

Question: what are the available hunting dates.

Answer; The Florida Spring Turkey Gobbler Hunting dates for 2019 is opening day will be March 16th. 2019.

Question: what dates are available?

Answer: as of June 6, 2018 we  are fully booked through March 24th 2019, the rest of the season is available.