Osceola Turkey Hunting in Florida

Osceola Turkey Hunting in Florida

Our Osceola Turkey hunting facility is located at 124 Diamond Lake Lane in Crescent City, Florida, (in Zone “C”) centrally located between Gainesville, Ocala, St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. You can fly into Gainesville, Daytona Beach or St. Augustine airports. You will need to arrange for transportation to the farm, however, once you arrive transportation at the farm is provided. If driving The Allison Family Farm is located four (4) miles west of Crescent City, FL just off SR-308 adjoining the Lake George Wildlife Management Area?

Our season usually runs from the middle of March through third week of April, as you can see our season is short so booking early assures you the best dates. Our terrain is normal Central Florida woodlands, palmetto, swamp lands, oak wood hammocks and open planted food plots. During our season one can find hot humid Florida weather, cold and rainy weather, or a combination of both. You may book a one day hunt or as many days as you like. However bookings are not made (confirmed) until the deposit is received.

Our Florida turkey hunting is not on a preserve, and we are not a hunting Lodge, you will be hunting on a working “Private Family Farm”. We do not hunt over bait; however we do hunt in or near maintained Chufa food plots in stationary blinds, our hunts are not guided, The elusive Osceola is a sit and wait situation … don’t think you’re going to run up on the bird … he will elude you. Calling is soft and should not be aggressive. Turkeys will come to the food plots daily. Those hunters who sit quietly in the blind and occasionally softly call will usually get a nice gobbler, only one gobbler per hunter is allowed and no hens. In the 2018 gobbler season every hunter who hunted our farm either got a nice gobbler of passed up a shootable turkeys (Jakes) hoping to get a large gobbler. There is a large population of Osceola Turkeys in this area of Florida, and our farm is well stocked.

Suggested Camo: as we highly recommend that the hunter “stay put” in the blind the only camo that is needed is: gloves and a face mask as these turkeys have very sharp eyes and can detect the slightest movement within the blind. We also suggest rain gear, mosquito repellant or thermal cells, small flashlight and camera with extra batteries/film.

While turkey hunting here at the farm there is no extra charge for hunting wild hog, and we have plenty of them. However hog hunting is normally a night thing.

Lately I have been asked by nearly every hunter who calls “What is your success rate?” Success depends entirely on the hunter, the turkeys are here… it depends on the hunter’s ability to call old tom close enough to shoot (40 yds. or less) the hunter’s ability to hit old tom in a spot that will kill him where he stands (usually in the head). Hunters who will sit quietly in the stand and occasionally softly call will often get a nice tom. Those who decide that it’s better to sneak up (or set up) on old tom will hear him gobble but usually never see him. I see good mountable Toms nearly every day on the trail cameras, if you don’t see them it’s simply because you are not proficient enough to outsmart Old Tom. Be quiet, stay in the blind, occasionally softly calls, and you will very likely go home with a nice tom turkey.

Licenses and additional information can be obtained at; http://www.myfwc.com .

2 thoughts on “Osceola Turkey Hunting in Florida

    • John:

      Most of the information is posted on our website “allisonfamilyfarm.com”. We do have space available, most of April is available and a few days in March for one hunter (only two hunters are allowed at the farm on any one day).

      On our website go to the page “Now accepting reservations for 2019 Osceola Turkey Hunts” then go to page “Frequently asked Questions” if you don’t find the information there that you are looking for e-mail me your specific questions. You can also call or text me at 904-591-1515

      I will need to know what dated you would like to hunt, how many hunters, and if you will be staying at the farm or at a motel in town.

      Thanks for contacting us.


      Allison Family Farm LLC
      124 Diamond Lake Lane
      Crescent City, FL 32112

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