Hunters Comments:

My husband brought me here for my first osceola turkey hunt. And let me start by saying, I will be back to stay and hunt in this paradise of a place, with Ms. Shirley and Mr. Virgil again. They absolutely treated us like family the entire time. We never wanted for anything. We are already making plans to come back and stay and pick fruit and just enjoy this beautiful place and just get away from it all for a few days. Now about my hunt, it was awesome!!! 1 hour into it, 3 beautiful Jakes and 2 hens came 5 ft from our blind. And stayed around long enough for me to question not taking one. But I waited for that long beard. Although that didn’t happen this trip, it was an experience of a lifetime. The only problem I had the whole time I was here, was trying to decide which blind to hunt. There are so many birds and so much sign everywhere. Warning we will be back.

Susie & Mike Menser

I have made three trips to Allison farms hunting the elusive Osceola turkey. The first trip I was the hunter I got in stand 6 at daylight with plans to sit all day at 1:15pm I shot my first Osceola turkey 18 lbs. 8.5 in beard. My second trip to the farm I brought my girlfriend Brooke to get her first Osceola and we set in blind 2 all day long saw a lot of birds just nothing in range but hey that’s why they call it hunting not killing. My third trip to the farm I brought my sister Taylor for her first Osceola we got in stand 4 and sat a few hrs. when I got a bird fired up by stand six so we hurried to stand 6. We no longer sat down in the blind and we could hear him in the woods, I made a light call and he gobbled. He came strutting in within 3 feet of the blind heading for the Jake decoy. The bird got to the decoy and Taylor put him down. The gobbler was 18.5 pounds 10.5 beard and 1 1/4 Spurs. Virgil has a great place to hunt he knows his birds and all around is a great guy. We will all be back in 2018.
Thanks again
Kyle Montgomery