Osceola Turkeys for Sale

At our farm we raise Osceola Turkeys some are released to the wild in late summer others are sold during the year; newly hatched turkeys are available in May & June older turkeys are generally available year around. Our turkeys are priced according to the age of the turkey, for information on pricing contact allisonfamilyfarm@gmail.com Fertile Osceola Turkey eggs are available from April to June and sell for $60.00 doz. and are shipped by U.P.S. next day delivery, eggs are guaranteed to be fertile but are not guaranteed to hatch.    

Osceola Turkeys April 10, 2019 price list: 

Three year old hen’s                      $75.00 ea.        Sold Out

Three year old Tom’s                     $250.00 ea.      2 Available

One year old’s > Toms                    $150.00 ea.      3 Available

Pullet’s                                               $50.00 ea.         None available

Chick’s (1/3 weeks old)                   $20.00 ea. Should be available in May & June of 2019

Turkeys must be picked up at our farm; we will not ship turkeys.