Available U-Pick Dates (Pears and Blackberries).

Our Pear trees are producing well and the Pears are ready to pick (U-Pick). $3.00 Lb. Call 904-591-1515 or 386-801-4506 for an appointment to pick.

Below are the types of pears that we have in our orchard.

Hood Pears (Dark Blue Ties) No Pears

Florida Home Pears (Yellow Ties) No Pears

Spading Pears (Green Ties) Lots of Pears

Soft Sand Pears (Light Blue Ties) Some Pears

Pineapple Pears (Pink Ties) Lots of Pears

“Ties” refer to the Tie Wraps on each tree that identifies the type of Pears on that tree.

HOOD Pears

HOOD pears are a popular variety of soft pears, suitable for eating raw but also good for cooking. The texture is what you would expect from a good eating pear: neither grainy or bitter. Hood is a golden yellow pear with a soft buttery flesh. The flavor is a bit tangy, something like a Bartlett. (Bartlett is the number one pear for commercial production in the US.)

FlordaHome Pears

FlordaHome is a tasty, sweet soft pear, somewhat greenish skin and great for fresh eating or making preserves as well. It is another low chill variety, and just like the Hood, requires only 150 chill hours to produce fruit, though many growers simply say “requires less than 400 hrs.” The fruit ripens in late July.

The FlordaHome is a hybrid developed by IFAS specifically for North & Central Florida backyard gardens. It is not quite as disease resistant as the HOOD in the colder areas, but makes a tasty good pollinator that can be eaten fresh. The FlordaHome is actually a more reliable pollinator for the favored HOOD than the (hard) Pineapple pear. It needs a pollinator to produce from either the HOOD, Spalding, or Pineapple pear.

Spalding Pear Tree

Spalding pears are soft & delicious for eating raw, but hold their shape well for cooking too. The fruit is soft but crunchy, amazingly sweet, juicy and full of interesting flavor.

Spalding Pears are another soft pear requiring only about 150 chill hours and blooms at the same time as the HOOD, FlordaHome, or (hard) Pineapple pears. So any pears from this group can pollinate each other. Spalding fruit ripens later, in September, effectively extending your fruiting season another month.

Typical Fruit Ripening Dates; for U-Pick.

Peaches; April & May …Pears; June & July...Persimmons; August & September…Olives; September…Blackberries; April & May…Muscadine Grapes July & August.